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Hi, I'm trying to install a tuning box for my 1.6 duratorq engine on BMAX.
I am told to locate the fuel pressure sensor which is behind the engine and only accessible by removing battery tray which so far isn't as simple as expected due fact ECU attached to side of tray and nil movement due to ecu connection and it's wiring underneath.
Have been trying to find any info on either ecu removal or battery tray removal on this engine but I'm having no luck so far!
Can anyone help?!
2013 1.6 duratorq BMAX.

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there are various different covers over the power control module
depending on if its petrol or diesel
some are mounted with tamperproof 'shear head' bolts which have to be drilled out.

most modern 'chipping' kits are done by reprogramming the ecu though the obd port, rather than faking sensors.
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