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Hi y'all happy B-Max owners! :)

I've just collected my 1.0 EcoBoost 100KM Panther Black "Trend" (a strange mixture of Studio and Zetec) and I'm loving it, no surprise here, I guess ;)

Still, one small detail makes me wonder - the lack of any engine covers - both above and BELOW the engine.

I can easily live without the first one, actually that's even better - I can take a look at the engine anytime and marvel at its complexity. I don't understand a damn thing of the numerous tubes and wires hanging here and there around the turbine, but hey, it still looks pretty awesome to me :D

However the bottom cover would be more than welcome in order to protect the awesomeness from the dirt, dust, water, etc.

What I've initially learned from the dealer is that there is no such dedicated (bottom) cover. Apparently there is one, however, for TDCi. One thing that comes to mind is perhaps EcoBoost comes without any covers due to its high temperature whenever in use. Due to this fact there is a possibility that installing any third party covers could void my 5(!) years-long warranty.

Have you got any covers, especially the bottom ones, installed in your B-Maxes? If so, were they factory-fitted?

What are your thoughts? Do you care if the engine gets dirty over time or not at all?

Thanks! :)

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