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Ford B-Max 1.4 Zetec Manual 2013
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Hi all, I managed to install a dashcam to my wife's B-Max this weekend and thought I would put together a small 'how to guide'.

DISCLAIMER: I won't be held responsible for any damage caused whilst following this guide!

To start with, I attached the camera to the windscreen just behind the rear view mirror. Make sure the mirror has free movement and won't foul the camera.
I then plugged the camera in so that I knew how much cable was required. Make sure you have a little bit of slack cable should you need to move or adjust the camera.

The cable can simply be pushed under the headlining along the windscreen edge to the nearside door pillar. You can see the cable on the right hand side of the photo where it enters the headlining.
Window Automotive tire Bumper Automotive exterior Automotive design

Once the cable has reached the top A pillar door trim, I found it easier to pull the rubber door seal off and run the cable behind it. Again, you can just make out the black cable running down the pillar.
Hood Automotive tire Automotive lighting Motor vehicle Automotive design

The cable runs straight down the A pillar and feeds right behind the glove-box.

Motor vehicle Hood Automotive tire Automotive design Window

Running the cable in probably took five minutes, it was very easy with no tools required.

The glove-box needs to be pulled forward to allow access to the fuse box. Simply pull and twist the glove-box to release the rubber catches and it will drop down into the footwell.

Depending on your level of skills / confidence, you could just run the cable behind the glove-box and plug the camera into the 12 volt socket by the gearstick, or connect it up to a switched live supply in the fuse-box. I connected mine up to 'Fuse 1' in the fuse-box using a 3 amp piggy back connector (as shown below). Please note, the B-Max uses micro blade fuses.
Automotive lighting Composite material Electrical wiring Adapter Auto part

Black Font Rectangle Line Red

Finally, I needed to locate a negative connection and found a 6mm bolt just by the headunit that was fairly easy to access. I screwed a 10mm nut onto the back of the bolt for simplicity.

Land vehicle Vehicle Hood Car Motor vehicle

I then cable tied all the cables behind the dash to keep them safe and avoid any rattles.

Once complete, test the camera before clipping the glove box back into it's normal position.

Hope you find this useful.
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