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Got my new Titanium 1.0 125 at the weekend.
Last night, went to take the car out and the front passenger door wasn't unlocking, but the driver and rear offside door did (not sure if the nearside rear passenger door did or not). I got out of the car, locked it and unlocked, both nearside doors opened.

Pulling out of the drive I realised that the nearside door/wing mirror had not unfolded (the offside did) - not sure if it did first time or not. Would not unfold with the button (I think the toggle was in the centre at this point, as IIRC the offside mirror folded in), however the motors for adjusting the mirror were allowing me to move the mirror itself.

I again got out, locked the car, unlocked (nearside door unlocked) but the nearside mirror didn't unfold.

Started the ignition again, used the button on themirror adjusterand the mirror unfolded.

Anyone experienced either of the two problems and is there likely to be a link? Is it coincidence both issues on nearside?

Thank you
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