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I have 1.6 PowerShift 9months old. suffered 3 flat batteries. First due to neg battery terminal not tightened at 600 miles( flashing beeping instrument panel then no electrics). Twice since when vehicle not used for 4 days. Ford agent finds no faults with battery or car systems. We don't do high mileage but monitoring battery voltage always 12.5V to 12.6Vwhen parked.
Battery fitted is Ford/Varta 43Ah . Ford handbook doesn't specify batteries . I checked the Varta site to see their
recommendations and find that they recommend higher capacity batteries for this model , from 56Ah to 63Ah !! A query to them confirmed this and suggested that the 43Ah battery capacity might be the problem for early failure .
Are all 1.6 PowerShift models fitted with 43Ah batteries and anybody else experienced problems.
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