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125 BHP
October 2017
Battery fitted as new Varta EFB 60 A/hr CCA 560 Amps.
Various forums have highlighted the B-Max start/stop and various problems with front rear windscreen not working.
So I thought I would do a few simple tests.
1 Charged battery to 100% charge with smart charger, this came down to 95% held overnight after battery rested.
2 Went on 22 mile trip with NO start/stop enabled, NO lights, NO front or rear windscreen heater on. In fact only the radio on.
3 Monitored the voltage, after start battery charged with 14.7 volt from the vehicle alternator shortly dropped off to 13 volts then sat at 12.3 volts only time voltage moved to 14.7 volts was when regenrative braking kicked in ""“ (when foot taken off accelerator).
4 Ran B-Max for 3weeks with NO start /stop and minimal other drain on system and the above was repeated-did not re charge battery with smart charger-just let car take care of charging.
5 My conclusion is that the B-Max only ever maintains the battery at 12.3 volts, about 60-70% of full charge. Then gradually decays to a charge of 12.2 volts approx. 50 % of full charge depending on type of use ""“ short journeys, front /rear windscreen heater or start stop used. I appreciate if the battery is too low the vehicle disables these functions.
I have never been unable to start vehicle so battery is adequate but think not much reserve for multiple starts. And possibly contributes to shortening the life of the battery.
Any comments from other owners of makes of vehicle.


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The only comment that I can make is. A week after buying our 3 yr old 1600 auto, it wouldn't start as the battery was flat. Nothing had been left on overnight.
I took it back to the dealer and they said they did a software upgrade. Since then (5 months later) it's been fine.
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