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Hi all

The B max has less than 3k on the clock from brand new,it is a motability vehicle,We had the auto as I have difficulty with changing gear due to injuries to my left hand side.It has been playing up,and has an intermitant start up fault that when you turn the key nothing happens and then when it does fire up it is lumpy and runs badly for a short while even if revved as if to remove auto choke still ruff as a badgers.

I was out in it and i noticed hesitancy in acceleration then almost as if it was a manual g/box it appeared to clutch slip, according to the daughter ( who drives it for us ) it has been doing this for about two weeks or so and she has now told me that it is staying in gear and not downshifting as you slow to a junction or a roundabout and it near stalls the engine as the brakes have to be applied hard as you are heading for a roundabout still in drive when it should respond to the braking.
Having being bitten hard by a Ford autobox in a 1.6 Focus that would not change down on the off ramp on the M5 and then when the lights went green nothing absolutely nothing irrespective of revs,gear selected.It would just rev as hard as you pushed the accelerator Then a massive Bang and the whole car slammed forward as it suddenly found drive all on its own throwing me out into the traffic of a very busy roundabout.I scrapped that car it was a death trap.
The Bmax is off to the dealer on monday for a diagnostic 15 min check,,,Not holding my breath.
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