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Hello, like many another newbie I'm a bit alarmed about all the tales of grief about automatic gearboxes, but for the time being I'm very happy with my 2014 1.6 automatic B-Max, which I bought in June. It accommodates my daughter, my 6ft 6 son-in-law and their twins, and their juggernaut of a buggy, without too much difficulty.

I'm having trouble with the audio, though. For the time being I'm really only interested in playing music or audio books on my iPod or iPhone via USB, which worked OK, if a bit randomly, for the first few months but now refuses to work at all. The screen says either plug in USB device or press play on USB device, but nothing happens. The audio cable socket seems to work, but you don't get any track information on the screen, plus you have to use another cable for charging, plus I'll have to take my Lightning headphone adapter off the cans and put it on the phone. I've paired the phone successfully via Bluetooth, but no audio that way either.

I don't have a handbook (my many attempts to winkle one out of a Ford main dealer is a whole other saga), so what I'm wondering is: is there a simple reset process that would make it behave properly? Any other ideas?

Thanks in advance.
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