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Apologies if this is in the wrong forum, but getting desperate.

I have a 13 plate TDCI B Max, Climate control, all of a sudden the heater blower fan has stopped working. Garage are quoting £600 + to replace the fan motor.

Reading through these forums I'm just not convinced. I've taken out the pollen filters no joy, as this car has climate control the resistor pack is not the normal one, where you'd expect the fan to turn all be on one setting only, if it was faulty. I believe its a type of control unit that is contained within the resistor pack, looks a bit like a metal nail brush, I have taken it out and it physically looks ok, but that doesn't mean a lot I know. Its £170 from Ford as opposed to the normal 40-50 quid, so like to think its a lot more than just a resistor.

I read if it is faulty it can stop the fan turning altogether, has anyone come across this or know a way of proving it, other than swopping out into another car, no one seems keen. I'd take a punt and try it off ebay but it's still £80 and if it doesn't fix it. Just hoping someone might be able to shed some light on it.

Thanks in advance.

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