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Hello all. Finally drove my B-max for the 1st time today. I was nervous as I bought it online and had it shipped out to where im living at the mo. I may be the only B-max owner in the Middle East!

The car itself is a Blazer blue (I know even my K reg XR2i had metallic paint) 1.0 100ps titanium. But.. it's an EU spec so has stop start. Has the pan roof, reverse sensors,tinted glass, heated seats. So not bad. It was stock otherwise I would have got a white one. Its a 14 reg but the ETIS says it was built in June 13. Could be why the battery doesn't seem very good if its been sitting for ages.

Finally on the road comments. I love the turbo whistle. But the fuel economy figures are quite simply a lie. Absolute rubbish imo but
only been in traffic with the stop/start not working

What is the point of a pan roof?

Plastic on the inside of the doors is Toyota Aygo quality.
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