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Afternoon everyone from a happy B-max owner:)

Could not complainfn about this car too much so I gifted with a K&N air filter and bluefin remap before the trip not having any "source" fuel consumption details from any long run.

Today after doing almost 3700km mostly on motorways I was given a result which is not really what I wanted too see: between 5.2 and 5.4l / 100km. The car drunk 200l while going @70mph with cruise crtl. The fuel was a mixture of the UK, German and Polish .

I'm curious what Ford meant providing us with the information about 3.8l/100km in the user manual. Probably it was when you run at motorway with the speed of 30mph...

Hope you have some experience in this area so you can tell me if there\s anything to be concerned about.

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