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Ford bosses have confirmed that the B-MAX MPV has been dropped from the firm’s model range.

The baby MPV has been indirectly replaced with the updated EcoSport SUV according to president of Ford Europe Steve Armstrong.“We are in the middle of a really strong product change over phase,” he told Auto Express at the Frankfurt Motor Show. “We’ve now finished production of the B-MAX and that has has now been replaced with the EcoSport.

“That segment is declining and we need to stay relevant. We’ve taken the opportunity to bring [EcoSport] production to Europe.”

The move follows Ford’s announcement last year that it was in the process of evaluating its model ranges and would ‘eliminate less profitable vehicles over time’ replacing them with ‘more profitable vehicles such as crossovers and SUVs.’ It’s likely that the larger C-MAX MPV will also be axed.

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