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The Ford B-Max is a class leading mini MPV. We’ve got pictures of the interior, pictures of the B-Max, Pictures of the B-Max in design stage, models and of course the finished product!

Bringing the B-MAX to production demanded a new approach to door construction, which has resulted in wide-open access for drivers, passengers and luggage; with the center pillars integrated into the doors themselves. The B-MAX also will deliver superior craftsmanship and high quality materials rarely found on an affordable compact car, together with flexible-seating and class-leading load-space.

B-Max Gallery

Ford B-Max Model

Here are some pictures of Fords design team creating a model of the new B-Max 🙂  

Ford B-Max design sketches

Ford have released some of the design sketches used as a template for the new B-MAX!

Ford B-Max Detail images

Close up detail pictures of the new Ford B-Max

Ford B-Max Interior images

These are the first shots released by Ford that show the interior of the new B-Max.

Ford B-Max images

Here are the first official pictures released by Ford of the new B-Max