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Ken 5th October 2015 16:38

Is it easy to get a child seat in and out of the back or even a toddler in there do you know? My current coupe hurts my back leaning in so I'm hoping this will be a bit easier with the sliding doors. Not sure how far back the doors slide?


Geriatricus 7th October 2015 00:36

My experience (with a cervical disc problem), is that it is very easy. The lack of a 'B' pillar means that you have great access when fitting the seat and the height means no stretching down.


Hywel S Wales 7th October 2015 08:45

Alsohandy when in a tight space in a car park, the sliding doors make a huge difference.

myicq 8th October 2015 11:10

In my opinion even though the B pillar is gone, the seats are much wider. So if the driver is relatively high (in the 1,90m range), the seat has to go far back.

When fitting my children in seats, I had to lean fwd seats.

Also quite annoying that the seat belt receptables are so hard to get to in the back seats, basically Bmax has 2 seats, not 3.

JimmyH^_^ 8th October 2015 12:39

obviously the passenger front door needs to be opened aswell as the sliding door to get the full effect of the area..

our isofix based car seat is treating us well

Bingo Bus 14th December 2015 16:42

One of the reasons we went for the B-Max. If you want to make it even easier on yourself you can get a swivel base for some child seats, then you can just turn it round when its in.

bubbles 26th April 2016 15:12

I'm tall so have the drivers seat pushed quite back, I then have the child seat behind the passenger seat so that it can be pushed forward a little bit.

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