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makem 5th July 2015 02:03

Just ordered my second B-MAX for delivery in September. New colour no in brochure yet - magnetic silver.

Part-exchanging the old one for same model with all same options plus roof bars.

Anybody doing similar or is it too early yet? Close on 3 years for me.

Hywel S Wales 5th July 2015 08:46

Wow, that's great ! Is that colour anywhere near my Tectonic Silver ?

dazznutts 5th July 2015 09:17

How much did you get for your old Bmax and what did you pay for the new Bmax

Geriatricus 6th July 2015 14:46

Just been looking to see if I could get exactly the same but 3 years newer, but the options have changed.

They now do not list air-con as an option on the Studio, and if you move up you get lumbered with Alloy wheels (the longer posters on here know that I dislike them intensely).[img]smileys/smiley7.gif[/img]

Dunno if the hubs/brakes and warranty would be OK fitting new steels to replace the alloys.

****, ****, ****.


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makem 6th July 2015 15:17


Originally Posted by dazznutts
How much did you get for your old Bmax and what did you pay for the new Bmax

I don't know if the answer would be any help unless you know the mileage, condition, options and model would it? In addition what you get for you old car is not really relevant because they juggle the figures anyway. What you pay on top of your car is a guide though.

I can say I have a 1L 125 Ecoboot Titanium with everything except the glass roof, rear view camera, park assist and navigation.

The car had done 18450 miles, was in tip top condition and needed two new front tyres. It was due for its third service in November 2015. So that is around 300 to pay out to keep the car another year plus 20 tax. I swap over in September 2015 and will add a few miles in the next months so about 19,000 on swap.

I paid 5995 plus my car and the cost was reduced a little by an offer of 1 free service and a set of rubber mats. So maybe cost was about 5795 less the 300 I did not have to pay fo the old car.

I estimate 153 per month is the cost to change over the last 3 years. That seems a reasonable outlay for a car under warranty and new from start.

Btw. the new model is zero tax [img]smileys/smiley1.gif[/img]

Another thought: I am having the Ford roof rails fitted (Not the cross bars). I buy and they fit free. I will keep the plastic trim they remove in case I have another B-MAX.

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makem 6th July 2015 15:19


Originally Posted by Hywel S Wales
Wow, that's great ! Is that colour anywhere near my Tectonic Silver ?

I don't think so.

The Mondeo has the same colour as the B-MAX will have.

dazznutts 6th July 2015 22:09

all in all not a bad cost to change

Monte 7th July 2015 16:02

That sounds like a good deal and worth it for the warranty from new again. A third party warranty would cost a fortune.

makem 9th September 2015 18:38


3 days to go before the date of delivery for prepping.......................

Get a call from the dealer to say there is a Titanium in a nearby showroom if I want to look at the new 2015 B-MAX model.

Off we go to take a look thinking, well the colour will be wrong but we can check what we are getting and see if any changes in the new model.

First thing I notice - no power button to start the engine.

Next, no stop - start engine.

Next, a key hole for keys to start the engine.

I don't see the active city stop either.

Now I tell the salesman, that if my car is the same i don't want it. The poor salesman (same company but different premises) don't want to get involved so I tell him I must speak to the manager of the place where I placed the order.

To cut a long story short, he, the manager is rather peeved to say the least. I tell him I ordered another B-MAX, identical to the one I currently own and purchased from the same salesman as I did 3 years ago.

In addition, at the salesmans suggestion I had obtaiined a retention certificate for my cherished number and needed to pay 80 for that plus 25 to have the insurance change the car number.

Next day I get an email to offer keyless entry with start button because now Ford have made them a 400 extra, together with stop start and all the extras I previously ordered and he will honour the quoted price.

Or, the car which is nearly at the door at a reduced price.

Needles to say, when I buy a new car I don't take a step down in facilities so I accept the first offer. But that car will not be available until November! car is due for MOT 26th Sept because they registered it two months before delivery back in 2012. Who will pay for MOT, 3rd year service and any repair/parts which is/are needed?

Satisfaction............ we will because if we took your car in next week we would have had to MOT and service it. So I will arrange MOT etc at our cost and you drive your car until November.


I had told my wife that we had two weeks to find another make of car if we did not have the new B-MAX so I am grateful to the manager who remembered me from back in 2012 as taking the first B-MAX they had had delivered and having to loan me a car for two months whilst we waited for delayed delivery. (There were module problems on the first production)

So, beware if you replace your B-MAX, check that you get at least what you currently have or pay less.

Ickey 11th September 2015 21:20

Checking speck
Ask the selling dealer for the VINwhich will be available 2 to 3weeks before build.
Using vehicle look up you will see the spec so you canview what been ordered.
I hope this will help.

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