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Tivvyman 20th January 2020 23:20

Bonnet stuck shut
Does anyone know a quick fix for a bonnet that wonít release when the lever has been pulled?
The cable is slack but doesnít pull out so may not be broken
Bloody typical, first day of second batch of chemo so in no position to deal with the wifeís car...

B-Max-Mike 23rd January 2020 10:58

Try pushing down on the front centre edge of the bonnet hard, and / or get your fingers under that area and give several up and down shakes.
Have you ever greased the bonnet catch ?.

Try a squirting some WD40 on to the latch.

Good luck with the Chemo.

Tivvyman 25th January 2020 15:53

I have managed to find a solution...
By gently prying up the clips on the black trim piece between the Bumper and bonnet it can be released and gently removed. Gently mind, they are £70 to replace new... a fastener at each end and two clips into the bumper either side of the badge.
This sort of reveals the two sets of bolts and screws holding down the lock and retaining plate. The lock has 10mm bolts, visible if you push down the edge of the bumper, the retaining plate torx screws which need a thin ratchet, there is one left at the back impossible to reach, but itís only into the plastic and can be snapped to release it. There is a connector on the alarm switch cable which needs to be undone and then the bonnet will lift.
In my case the lock pivot had seized and the release cable sleeve had pulled out so it was never coming open. The catch was not being triggered and no amount of lubricant or bouncing was going to work. The cable outer is not very secure and I shall put something in place to keep it there in future.
WD 40 and Copper grease now applied.
Probably me fixing it was one of the more stupid things given my condition but none of the local dealers was any help in the slightest, no surprise there...

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