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perky890 17th January 2020 19:04

Flooding in boot, rear and driver foot wells
Hi guys.
My partner has recently purchased a bmax, after heavy rain overnight we noticed this morning that there were damp patches in the boot, upon closer inspection the spare wheel well was flooded with water. When looking around the car i noticed that the carpet in both rear foot wells, and the drivers foot well are all absolutley soaked to the point you can press the fabric and water comes out like a sponge (passenger footwell is dry). There are no signs of water coming from higher up anywhere in the car, seats...around the doors...upper sections of carpet in the footwells and boot are all dry, it is literally just on the floor of the car.
I have had a little google search, i can find info on why one foot well or the boot may be flooding, but absolutley nothing on flooding in such a large area of the car.

Does anybody have any ideas as to why this could be happening?


Gremlin 17th January 2020 19:41

a few people have had this problem,

ps. probably happens because its raining...

perky890 17th January 2020 20:13

Thanks i did see that link, that would explain the water in the boot, but what about the rear and drivers foot wells?

B-Max-Mike 17th January 2020 21:27

I have the same problem (water in the boot, 40mm in wheel well ) and while I was having a service / MOT yesterday at the dealers I was trying pick there brains about this problem. the service manager said they never had any B-Max but they had Focus's with water in the boot and they said it was the rear vents under the bumper (see the photos in the above link for the B-Max vents).

I have taken the NSR Plastic panel off below the quarter light and sealed with silicone mastic each fixing point (a lot) .
I did not remove the rear door runner, I cleaned it well on top and at the back and then filled it with Silicone mastic, rear lights are another leaking place , seal them when you put it back.

I have reduced my water ingress but still more work to do, my next place to seal are the two Cable/ rear window washer pipe, rubber ducts that go from the boot lid and the roof gutter, you can see them when you open the boot lid.
Then if that does not stop the leaks I will look at the 2 rear air vents under the bumper.

My water is coming into the boot on the LHS, if you follow the details in the link above, then once you have removed the LHS interior panel I noticed some black sticky tape over a hole in the body panel, just about level with the boot floor, the stick tape was wet so I pulled it off and more water came out, I also pulled out of this small hole (5p size) so sound deadening material that was soaked .

Not sure were your water in the foot wells is coming from, you have more than one leak.

Hywel S Wales 18th January 2020 10:41

Is the car in warranty ? If so return it and get them to fix it.

Pops 19th January 2020 17:50

Hi Perky,
Follow Gremlins link to Berlin BMaxís post, Iíve been tracking down a similar leak.
I park my car with the RH side on the kerb, on a slight downhill gradient, the water will leak in via the LH rear vent (behind the bumper), Soaks through the bit of sound deadening material in the corner cavity, seeps through the bit of sticky tape (ala B-Max-Mike above) runs along the metalwork and puddles in the LH rear footwell. If I park the car facing the other way, it runs into the spare wheel well.
When I first started investigating, I had water down the entire LH side footwell, front to back.
I stripped out the front seats and removed the carpet to dry it out, it was so waterlogged it weighed a ton! My first thought was that it was condensate from the AC, but after I had baled And dried out the footwell it started raining so I packed up for the evening, next morning there was another 1.5L of water in the footwell (this disproved the AC condensate theory).
I proceeded to strip all the rear interior trim and back seats out of the car, I could then identify the point of ingress ( through the tape) and follow the Stream along the side of the rear wheel well then down the sloped floor where the rear seat mounts and into the footwell at the rear.
Today I succeeded in removing the rear bumper, I removed the vents and cleaned and dried everything before applying silicone sealer and refitting the vents, Iíve refitted the rear lights and am now typing this, fingers crossed that if it rains tonight, all will be well (not that type of well) tomorrow morning.

A bit of a ramble I know but if it helps others........


B-Max-Mike 23rd January 2020 11:10

Glad you are on the way to solving this.

Hoping for dry weather this Saturday, I want to remove my rear bumper and seal the vents on mine as that's were it seems to be coming in.

Can you say how to remove the bumper please.

B-Max-Mike 23rd January 2020 14:25

How long did it take to remove the bumper ?.

cianpars 24th January 2020 12:55

Apart from checking the seals you have checked, the seals and tightness of the rear lamps is also worth a look for anyone with a wet boot. I recently replaced a brake light and had to make very sure the cluster was very tight.

B-Max-Mike 25th January 2020 18:57

This explains how to remove the bumper.

If you look at the two photo's in the above post, look at the bottom RHS corner you will see a piece of sticky tape over a square hole, put there during manufacture .

That is my source of the leak !, On the LHS vent the tape was coming off and the RHS vent the tape had gone and a open square hole was there, both letting water into the boot.

I cleaned well around the vents and put plenty of silicone mastic around them and sealed the two holes up.

To make it easier to remove the fasteners in the wheel arches I removed the wheels.
I gave myself a day to do it.

Good design Ford, you leave holes for the water to get in .

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