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Spanners3172 8th December 2019 16:44

Electric Fault in both passenger doors
Hi guys

My parents recently bought a 2016 B max but it's out of its one month warranty. I used to be a mechanic years ago so consider myself pretty competent. They live 50 miles from me so can't get to look at the car for a few days so I'm hoping I can get some pointers from you guys ahead of going up.

It appears there is no power to either passenger doors, the indicator in the mirror doesn't work, the mirror doesn't fold in, mirror adjustment not working electric windows not working and central locking not working in either of the doors.

I've looked at a fuse box diagram online and it appears there is a fuse for each door so I'd be surprised if both have gone.

My next theory is contacts at the top of the pillar or the wiring coming into the front door near the hinge.

Has anyone had any similar experiences?

Thanks in advance.

Hywel S Wales 8th December 2019 18:21

Can't find any previous posts regarding this.
As you know the rear doors slide, and the wiring harness can be seen "outside the door" on the floor , if you know what i mean !
Maybe a break somewhere causing this ? Sorry i can't help more.

Good luck. Hope it isn't too expensive to fix !!

Spanners3172 9th December 2019 21:27

Well there's a turn up for the books, made plans to go to look at the car tomorrow but when my mum went to the car this morning it wouldn't start but bizarrely the passenger doors started working. She called out breakdown and the main battery was bad. New battery on and all working fine.

Think this is why I gave up being a mechanic.

Gremlin 9th December 2019 22:11

a lot of the modern car electrics use the CAN bus
I guess sometimes it becomes confused, -the can't bus-

cianpars 10th December 2019 14:02

Bad battery on a 2016 B Max? My guess is that all it needed was an overnight trickle charge. I've had 2 family members told they need a new battery recently and they have both been fine after recharging.

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