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Emma 3rd December 2019 12:28

Don’t know what to do. Got my 65 reg BMax end of March. DID MOT & full service September. Friday engine oil light came on. Called the mechanic who said it may just need resetting. Not used since. Checked the oil (on max) didn’t get a chance to reset as not sure how yet. This morning it wouldn’t start. What do I do? I also want to trade it in, not 100% happy😢. Hi back to my mechanic or the ford I purchased from? Thank you!!!

Gremlin 3rd December 2019 18:11

take it back to the ford dealer under their sales warranty.
also it would help if you said what engine it is
one litre turbo petrol, n/a petrol, or turbo diesel

cianpars 5th December 2019 00:06

Would also like to know symptoms on lack of start up, e.g. engine not turning over (battery needs recharging or replacing?) or not firing up (indicitive of fuel or ignition issues?). Engine type would also be helpful as diesels have glow plug issues and particulate filter problems not applicable to petrol.

Hope your problems can be resolved without rejecting the vehicle.

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