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Hbroz 26th July 2019 15:17

Buzzing noise from driver side airbag area
This intermittent noise is driving me crazy! Can be described as a faint electrical buzz noise that comes from the top door side of the driver seat. I can hear it over my right shoulder side. I presume it's the airbag?

Any ideas or similar problems?

cianpars 26th July 2019 18:36

Electric window mechanism?

algie 26th July 2019 20:00

Discovered my buzz was sunglasses needed turning over in the above door holder. Anything in yours?

cianpars 27th July 2019 11:54

Does it buzz when you are stopped as well as moving? Does it buzz when the ignition is on but the engine not running? This might give you aclue as to whether it is an electrical buzz or a vibration.

Airbag is a possibility, but also perhaps the seat belt mechanism.

Buzzes and rattles can be quite hard to track down sometimes. They can even come from a different part of the car to where they sound like they are coming from.

Hbroz 1st August 2019 08:53

Thanks guys for the information.

Cianpars the noise is present when I'm moving from the driver's airbag.

Hbroz 1st August 2019 08:56

Thanks Algie.bI got someone to sit in the back and they are convinced it's from the top right side of the driver's seat. But I'll check again

Hbroz 4th August 2019 12:08


Thought I'd post an update in case it benefits others. I've wasted a lot of time looking at the driver seat area.

Cianpars and Algie you were both right!

I don't have a driver side sunglass holder
just a grab handle above the door. Decided to lift it slightly when the noise appeared and he buzzing went! Some small cut foam or similar under the grab handle will fix it.

2 people were convinced it was the driver seat.

Cheers guys

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