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str987 20th February 2019 16:05

heated front windscreen
Hi passenger side doesnt work at all and drivers side only about 4 thin strips work. Is this a common problem and is it an easy fix

Gremlin 20th February 2019 17:26

sadly a fairly common problem, that /might/ cure itself if the battery has been low.
else its usually a new windscreen to fix it.

Briangsf1200 1st April 2019 12:16

If it's a new screen needed check your insurance policy - some insurers limit their cover on a new replacement screen to a value of 400 or 500. My new B Max screen (under extended warrantee thankfully) was over 1000.

Hadrian1 1st April 2019 22:28

I needed my screen changing not that long after I bought it., so it didn't cost me anything.
I'm convinced dealers sell cars with known faults, knowing they will be fixed under
warranty, so not costing them anything.

Willow 8th April 2019 13:53

I has a similar issue. Found a work-around. Try this befoe going to any expense.
1, turn fan dial to full
2, turn heater dial to full till is engages air con (yellow light next to dial)
3, Only at that point press the heated windscreen

I can only say it worked for me. If I try any other sequence then nothing on the drivers side.

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