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vdragoslav 18th February 2017 21:56

Not sure this is the appropriate area, but I'm so excited that i've just discovered the origins of our B-MAX so I hope you'll all enjoy this info and the admins will not delete this topic!.. :">

Even the presentation is pretty similar to the
of B-MAX:

C-MAX = mini MPV?.. :-?

Here the author presumed that the C-MAX ill be built at Craiova plant:

Hywel S Wales 19th February 2017 17:31

Interesting .. probably decided the sporty look wasn't right for the target customer !

cianpars 20th February 2017 11:09

Interesting to see the concept and how it developed. Thanks for the lins..

vdragoslav 20th February 2017 12:04

I thank you for inspiring and energising me! ;;)*
Conceiving and even showing the iosis-MAX to those that pretend they are specialists in auto-moto branch is an example of how limited and arrogant such people are.., not sniffing that Ford is on the way to make a new car, I believe.

P. s. On the other hand, I would say that I love those who made the iosis-MAX and subsequently the B-MAX and I really hate people at CRC (Customer Relationship Center) and "my" dealer!..

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