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cianpars 17th January 2017 16:49


cianpars 17th January 2017 16:52


cianpars 17th January 2017 16:59


cianpars 17th January 2017 17:03


cianpars 17th January 2017 17:10


cianpars 17th January 2017 17:17


jackkook 17th January 2017 17:20

It is a lovely Colour, but I prefer the black interior with the Moondust silver.

cianpars 17th January 2017 17:20


Hywel S Wales 17th January 2017 19:04

Great pics ... looks really nice. Are your
anti scuff plates really blue ? (mine are silver) or is it the light ?

cianpars 17th January 2017 19:36

They are blue - surprised me too.

vdragoslav 17th January 2017 20:03

Wow! It looks (like) new! :))
How do you think it'll be, say, in ten years (from now)? :-?Edited by: vdragoslav

cianpars 17th January 2017 20:24


Originally Posted by vdragoslav
Wow! It looks (like) new! :))
How do you think it'll be, say, in ten years (from now)? :-?

In the scrap yard probably

redfive 18th January 2017 11:58

Hi cianpars, dont know for certain without a close inspection,but door sill plates usally have a BLUE plastic protective film which should be peeled off! Regards my earlier post concerning my quick clear screen, one week on and not heard anything from dealer yet! Lastly, your new B Max does look great.

cianpars 18th January 2017 12:08

Ah, i will take a look at those scuff plates.

cianpars 18th January 2017 15:11

Yep, the scratch plates still had the protective film on them. I have now removed.

vdragoslav 18th January 2017 15:38

What about the "Follow me home", please! :-?

And.., did you order those plates from the start, or they are added as an accesory? I mean those four left the factory, already mounted at your B-MAX, or the dealer put them??Edited by: vdragoslav

cianpars 18th January 2017 15:42

According to the manual, when you leave the car, you pull the indicator lever towards you and that will keep the headlights on for 3 minutes. I havent checked it out yet though.

Hywel S Wales 18th January 2017 15:44

The scuff plates are standard (factory fit)on Titanium X models.

vdragoslav 18th January 2017 15:50

Okay; please tell me if it really works or the manual is outdated!!!
I'm asking because "my" dealer insists that "F. M. H." is not available any more; Even the Ford CRC (Customer Relation Center) answered me in an e-mail that they do not offer "F. M. H." anymore since April 2016.
So I NEED that information very accurate from you - who ordered in December and received in January, if I rcall adequate - as an argument in case they lied.

vdragoslav 18th January 2017 16:09

It is interesting why Ford addresses to various markets (countries) in such a different way, while ALL the B-MAXes are made in one single factory!?..
Here are available TITANIUM and TITANIUM PREMIUM, for example; the difference is that the second has SatNav with its 5 inches display instead of a 4.2 inches display in the first pack (and no navigation). These are options available for TITANIUM only (not for TREND).
In Poland and Portugal Ford sells B-MAX with the 140 HP engine; in Romania I can't buy such an engine!
At 50 km away from me, Ford doesn't offer Diesel at all for B-MAX (in the Rep. of Moldova).

So why are these differences?..?Edited by: vdragoslav

cianpars 20th January 2017 12:45


cianpars 20th January 2017 12:54


Here are a couple more pics for you.

Im finding it less smooth than the fiesta 1.25 and having to use the gears a lot more. Body roll is quite noticable in comparison, but still a nice car.

Higher driving position suits me well with much less glare from oncoming headlights.

Anyone know when the turbo should kink in? Feels like around 2500 rpm to me.

vdragoslav 20th January 2017 18:09

You, who have the steering weel on the right, are so privileged, because the 1/3 - 2/3 back seat lets you the left side of the car with plenty of free space after folding the seats the way in the picture above! ;;)

vdragoslav 20th January 2017 20:00

Thank you for not forgetting me and as a consequence you added these beautiful images of your superb B-MAX! [img]smileys/smiley9.gif[/img]
You were inspired to show me these perspectives!

Please do the same regarding the "Follow me home"! [img]smileys/smiley17.gif[/img]

I'll keep in mind your impression on B-MAX and I'll compare to mine in a little more than a month, I hope! Edited by: vdragoslav

cianpars 20th January 2017 20:12

Yes, they do work. I just pulled the main beam stalk back as i left the car and the headlights stayed on for around a minute.

I finally went out into the cold to answer your question.

vdragoslav 21st January 2017 06:21

It is very nice of you doing such a sacrifice! I know I owe you a bottle of good wine for this and I plan to give it to you when you'll come to Romania! (I was in England in 2007 and 2009 and I'd like to be there again sometime this life, but not too soon.)
So you have FOLLOW ME HOME in working condition!
This info will cause a war here as Ford really discriminates me waving such a feature for four years then suddenly withdrawing it just when I was finally ready to place the order for a B-MAX!

If I say PLEASE again, would you send to me your initial offer for your B-MAX?!?.. If it's a paper, take a photo of it and send it to [email protected], PLEASE!
Or even better, it'll help a lot more if you give me an image of a dated offer.., or a pro forma invoice, to see that it is possible to order "F. M. H." after April 2016 and thus Ford simply lied!..

Angelawales 21st January 2017 10:28

have ordered a new B max, so reading all these forum entries.

mine will come with a City Pack. What is a Winter pack, what does it include please ?


cianpars 21st January 2017 10:43

I do not recall anything in the advertising regarding follow me home lights but will double check later. It is described in the manual though.

cianpars 21st January 2017 10:46

Winter Pack "" featuring heated windscreen, heated mirrors and heated front seats.

Angelawales 21st January 2017 11:16

Thank you for info

Hywel S Wales 21st January 2017 11:59

You'll like the heated seats at this time of year !

Angelawales 21st January 2017 12:16

Certainly will,bitter out this morning.

vdragoslav 21st January 2017 13:34

In degrees Celsius, please! (At what temperature do you say it's bitter?)

cianpars 21st January 2017 14:21

It was 0 degrees celsius when I left home and 4 degrees now. Heated seats very nice but no need to turn onto maximum.

cianpars 21st January 2017 19:38


This is a photograph of page 51 of the manual that describes the follow me home lights.

I have checked all the presales documentation and advertising literature and there is no mention of this feature anywhere (which is why I didn't give it any thought until you mentioned it).

I also checked the vehicle ETIS and that doesnt mention it either (you can check the ETIS for yoursrlf from the registration plate if you would like to).

Hope you find this information of help.Edited by: cianpars

cianpars 21st January 2017 19:46

I'm surprisrd that these lights are so much of an issue for you as I was not even aware of this feature and completely missed it when I first read the manual.

It really would't bother me if this feature did not exist at all.

Still, it has been an interesting discussion.

The next issue is going to be fuel consumption as I am only just managing to get 40 mpg driving like a granny and very little town driving - driven in this way, I would have been getting closr to 50 mpg in my Fiesta. Heaven knows what mpg I will get when I start driving it harder after running in.

vdragoslav 21st January 2017 20:00

Hmm!.. :-? It is strange, isn't it?!? Ford sells in the UK B-MAXes having a feature they do not ask money for and do not even mention its existence prior to having the car at home.[img]smileys/smiley2.gif[/img]
Instead of doing the same here, Ford rebuked me for daring to ask why they do not offer it anymore... while they offer it not that far away, in fact.

So Ford didn't tell you they're going to surprise with such a... gift.[img]smileys/smiley36.gif[/img]

I will not leave them alone until they explain why my car will not have Follow me home; or it'll have?..?[img]smileys/smiley17.gif[/img]

I cannot see anything on ETIS because there's no VIN until 17th of February.

It indeed helps me understanding that Ford are dizzy.[img]smileys/smiley21.gif[/img]

cianpars 21st January 2017 20:05

I just went onto the etis site and entered my registration number and it gave all the information.

I can't imagine that your car will not have it. It looks like a standard fitting.

vdragoslav 21st January 2017 20:21

Thank you so much for your patience in the first place!

It's not only the missing feature, but the way they treat me when I ask WHY (they're doing this to me)!..
Plus there's no START/STOP just like... that; no explanation at all.
Of course, after reading about problems with this feature and knowing from my wife and a few friends who work at Continental (automotive, not tyre stuff) about software problems that occure even after the tests are considered well done, i take the not-anymore-existing-START/STOP as a blessing to me, never having to solve issues of it.[img]smileys/smiley1.gif[/img]
On the other hand, Follow me home is a feature that suits like a glove to me, having the parking platform at about 25 m from the house door and I planned the position of it having in mind this feature.
My house is the last on a 250 m private blind alley. Of course, we bought street lamps and stuff; there's enough light, I guess. But when I know Ford offers SYNC 3 (Fiest ST and Kuga) and 6 gear manual transmission and automatic parking (on C-MAX, if I remember right) and in the mean time, advertises B-MAX as a INNOVATIVE car, the withdrawal of a feature that was a minimum to consider B-MAX the way Ford pretends is a nonsense and, beyond anything, a LIE!.. The key is their attitude: kindly, amiably.., or frigid and stiff!?..

Edited by: vdragoslav

vdragoslav 21st January 2017 20:34

I will not say a word regarding that feature if you'll tell me when did you place the order!..[img]smileys/smiley9.gif[/img]Your B-MAX was ready for being collected on the 16th, right?!?

Have a look: Ford gave me WRITTEN they DO NOT OFFER "Follow me home" anymore: "...since 01/04/2016 until new modifications and renewal, the headlights with feature "follow me home" exists no more in the offer, starting with April 2016..."


Edited by: vdragoslav

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