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Mr POD 16th January 2017 12:38


jackkook 16th January 2017 18:11

Hi Peter, I will know you now if I see you at Skem.

Mr POD 16th January 2017 19:36

Nice to know I'll have a friendly face local to me :-) I've seen a few B-max's around Skem now as I drive for Iceland. Also my Brother now owns a B-max too so the empire is growing. Got a pic of our cars together (before a few of my mods lol)

Mr POD 16th January 2017 19:38

Hi John. If you know others local we should have a small car meet. Could be a fun afternoon out.

Mr POD 16th January 2017 19:41


Mr POD 16th January 2017 19:42

After we both washed, polished and waxed our cars :-)

vdragoslav 22nd January 2017 19:20

Hi! Both B-MAXes look superb!Of course, I like the "Frozen white" one a bit more, because mine will be so.[img]smileys/smiley2.gif[/img]

Please tell me when did you (and your brother)order, when was each of the cars built and, the reason why I ask: do you have FOLLOW ME HOME!?

Ford keeps telling me they do not offer this feature since April 2016 and I believe it's just a lie.

So needing FOLLOW ME HOME at my car, I'm looking for solid, unbeatable arguments against their words.

Thank you in advance!

Edited by: vdragoslav

jackkook 23rd January 2017 10:50

I have follow me home, build date
07.07.2016. A feature missing on my car is "read text", I only discovered this feature two days before I exchanged my last car, but on this new one if you ask it to read text it says this feature not available.

Edited by: jackkook

vdragoslav 23rd January 2017 11:42

Thank you very much![img]smileys/smiley9.gif[/img]

That is a feature very useful, even more than FOLLOW ME HOME, I'd say..!
What's your plan regarding the missing "read text"? :-?

jackkook 23rd January 2017 16:58

No plan just live with what you have got.

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