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bmills 7th October 2016 10:39

Good day.I'm hoping someone is able to assist me. I purchased a
Ford B-Max in December 2015. The vehicle has driven 34000 kms and
requires new brake pads as well as discs. Is this normal at

zhorian 7th October 2016 14:34

I don't know what 'normal' might be but at 20k miles I've 60% front pad wear and a significant lip on the brake discs - and I'm a very light braker ! - so early next year I'll be renewing pads and discs. By comparison on a big old 4x4 I did 100k miles with no problem with the discs just normal pad wear. It'll be interesting to see what other members say.

Geriatricus 7th October 2016 16:28

Just had my first service at 2,250 miles (yes I am doing a fraction of the mileage that I did before I retired), and the service report states '10% Front pad wear' and the Front discs on '22.78mm - (SMT 21)'. Firstly does anyone know what the 'SMT' stands for?
Secondly it seems remarkably precise measurement on the vehicle to measure to 0.01mm (0.4 thou), as a micrometer would be very inconvenient to use under the wheelarch/vehicle. Assuming it's correct does anyone know what the starting dimension is?
The whole exercise of non-asbestos braking sytstems is a well known area of high wear, so 20,000 or so miles is not unusual in these days for any vehicle to require the dread disc change. The discs appear to be subject to high corrosion rates (pitting and rusting) and these combined effects, together with the modern materials of the pads, give miniscule disc lives compared to the sort of mileage us older drivers were brought up with.


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Hywel S Wales 7th October 2016 19:11

Standard Measurement Technique (I think)

My first service after 8500 miles showed 8% pad wear.

elmo 16th October 2016 14:17

I am on 80,000km and have been advised that I will need my first pad change in the next 10-20,000km but I do a lot of motorway driving and tend to be a gentle braker...

bmills 17th October 2016 08:10

Thank you for your response, I also do a lot of motorway driving so I'm not sure why my discs are damaged?

cianpars 30th October 2016 20:28

Not sure about you but my motorway driving on the M32 involves more braking than on any other roads

Bmaxlux 12th December 2016 19:05

Hi, my b max is now 3 years old and 40000 km under the belt. I just had front brakes (disks and pads) replaced. The cost for doing this was about GBP 400.. If you had yours changed is be very interested in knowing how much it cost?

elmo 12th December 2016 19:11

I had mine changed last month for the first time at 82000km (due to a crack found in a pad during a service) for a cost of 400éČ

I need to confirm if it was pads and discs but I think it was both.

Bmaxlux 12th December 2016 19:16

Ok just wanted to compare costs in different countries, I live in luxembourg and my cost was roughly the same. And I find it pretty expensive! Danke!

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