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Yes I've read all the threads right through...I think.

Bit of an update...We've got those painted sidepanels off and the grey plastic criss-cross boards they mount on with. VRemoved the rear doo rails and masticed behind them and on top of them after refitting.
Holes into the boot masticed over and both vents mnasticed up too. Any holes that don't serve a purpose masticed.

The car still fills with water!

It hits the masticed over holes on each side so hard it pushes its way through eventually...the water making its way forward past the rear seat mountings and into the rear footwell. Parked on a slope facing downwards the water travels under two crossmembers and gets right forward to the firewall soundproofing that wicks it up.

It literally gets from one ened of thew car to theother under the carpets!

I've semi cured the problem by drilling several holes through the sloping metal INSIDE the holes that leak into the boot area and then chiseling them into one big hole to let the water drain out. I then used aquarium grade silicon sealant to close over the hole sinto the boot..the ones that Ford put a bit of black tape over.

I've removed all soundproofing wading and foam pads.

I even siliconed all around the edges of the painted rear panel next to the rear quarterlight...but STILL water is getting in and dripping through my newly created holes...just not into the boot anymore!

I siliconed around all the grey plastic in the boot aperture too, but I don't think this or the light cluster is the cause........the holes I created are through a panel of metal that goes way up above those....Lord knows how the water gets into there.

At least the boot is now dry and the car windows don't mist up anymore, but what I've done is just a bodge...the water is still getting in where it shouldn't....and didn't for five years........but now it's a quart everytime it rains, but at least it's not in the car.

Three months in and out of the garage....and it still isn't fixed. Why aren't Ford on this????

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